Meet Joe

He knows insurance
and how to DJ a wedding

Joe Baranowski

Joseph Baranowski loves to engage with those around him and to entertain a crowd. He has a natural penchant for getting in front of a group, whether at the front of a classroom with his background in art education or a packed dance floor where he moonlights as a DJ. This translates in to successful one-on-one interactions with our clients. His personality allows him to relate to clients and understand what they’re looking for in their insurance program.

Joe currently resides in Paxtang with his wife and two children, Elizabeth & Kenneth. Living in his grandmother’s house, Joe has a strong sense of commitment to his family. Family plays an important role in Joe’s life – just ask him about his Little Superman and Wonder Woman. He is a kid at heart and it shines through the work he does.

Joe enjoys insurance because it allows him to expand his connections throughout the community. Providing comprehensive personal insurance reviews to our clients, Joe takes pleasure in identifying coverage that provides the best fit. To him, it is about analyzing exposure, while providing guidance on ways to reduce risk.

Joe has also been DJing weddings in Central PA since he graduated college in 2009. This has allowed Joe to learn the ins and outs of two industries that allow him to help our clients through the major events in their lives and become like family. With this creative side, don’t be surprised if Joe gets you pumped up to learn more about your insurance coverage.

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