Meet Andy

Andrew Enders, Esq.

In August 2011, Andy hung up his badge and broke out his insurance license. After 5 years with the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office serving under Hon. Edward M. Marsico, Jr., Andy returned to the family business.

Insurance shouldn’t be intimidating. Andy’s primary goal is to educate his clients about diagnosing risk, determining the right coverage, and implementing the best package. Working closely with the client lets Andy build a relationship that is hyper-focused on the client. Best of all, he can break down the coverage into terms that just about anyone can relate to.

Andy currently serves on the Dauphin County Library System (DCLS) Board of Trustees. Books, newspapers (yes, even the print version), magazines, and anywhere information is accessible is central to Andy’s daily routine. Andy takes great pride in sharing the wealth of information available through the DCLS with the community. In addition, Andy volunteers with Harrisburg Young Professionals, the Ronald McDonald House Endowment Committee, and serves on the St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Roman Catholic Church Parish Council.

When not at the office or in the field, you’ll find Andy at home in Midtown Harrisburg with his wife, Megan. Together, they share a passion for Golden Retrievers, Penn State,  a steady stream of music in their home, and volunteering with Keystone Human Services.

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