Auto Insurance

A car is often one’s first major life purchase. It can move everything from our family to our business. And no matter where it goes, you want it protected.

Cheaper is definitely not better when it comes to Car Insurance. When you log-on to a random website or call that 1-800 number, you have no idea whom you are talking to, let alone whether they have real insurance knowledge.

That’s where our team shines. You’ll always get a real-live person on the other end of your contact with our office. We’ll guide you through the steps necessary to setup a special auto policy just for you and your family.

No two people are exactly the same. Neither is the coverage built into an auto policy. Liability coverage is what protects you in the event of a claim in which you are at fault; it’s your first line of defense in an accident. Invest in too little coverage and you could face significant consequences later. First Party Benefits are confusing and easily misunderstood, but we can shed some light on this important aspect of the auto policy.

From rental car coverage, to lease-loan gap coverage, we’ve got you covered. Did we mention that we’ll take care of that prized antique auto too?